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Missed IBC? Catch up with our session on "The State of the Audio" in the media technology industry ibc.org/video/the-john… Retweeted by Ian Nock 3 days ago

Warner Bros Discovery held a company-wide town hall in which they laid out the current state of the company and the industry, with CEO David Zaslav exclaiming, "We are not for sale, absolutely, not for sale." deadline.com/2022/09/warner… - #streamingmedia #SVOD #AVOD #DiscoveryPlus Retweeted by Ian Nock 3 days ago

Now that the dust has settled on the first IBC in three years, Content Everywhere exhibitors take a look back at an event marked by a real excitement to be back: bit.ly/3UL1MWv Retweeted by Ian Nock 4 days ago

Great discussion @ibcshow Putting multi-service discovery at the centre of viewer experience ibc.org/video/putting-… 3 days ago

Timing... someone needs to tell Parks or Google... twitter.com/fairmilewest/s… 3 days ago