Problem-Solving Organisations

BUMPCONDUCTOR™ helps organisations find and solve problems that impact their survival and growth.

Organisations often fail to surface and address such problems. Even though addressing them provides tangible returns, effective problem-solving remains a difficult skill.

The reasons are well known. Most problems are complex. They can span people, product, processes, technology, finance, and strategy. They can be difficult to define and measure. And they can lay hidden in plain sight!

The outcome? We waste valuable time and energy on flawed strategies. We fail to align people, processes, technology, and products. And we fail to hit the target. In some circumstances we recover. In many we don’t.

BUMPCONDUCTOR works inside and between organisations to help find and solve complex problems. Services include:

  • Problem Scouting
  • Problem Definition/Analysis
  • Decision Support & Review
  • Solution Scouting
  • Solution Orchestration
  • Solution Delivery
  • Benchmarking
  • Capability Building
  • Problem-Solving Training

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