Ultra HD Forum at the Sky Tech Summit 2018 and IBC2018

Sky Tech Summit 2018 – Ever wondered what the Ultra HD Forum actually does?

Well wonder no more if you are attending the Sky Tech Summit 2018. I will be at there as Chair of the Interoperability Working Group of the Ultra HD Forum, supporting the workshop on Redefining the visual experience – advances in UHD and HDR. I will help you understand how the Forum has been working for the last three years to advocate for UHD technologies for consumer entertainment, define best practices and work on resolving technical issues in bringing it all together in a service, and then get into the much more interesting discussion with Chris Johns and Carys Hughes of Sky, Phil Layton of BBC R&D, and Gill Reston of the DPP where we will open the lid on what has been a whole set of exciting developments in HDR in 2018, and the work to look beyond better pixels towards High Frame Rate.

The Ultra HD Forum Masterclass at IBC2018

Of course not everyone is at the Sky Technical Summit, but IBC begins at the end of the week and through no coincidence at all, the Ultra HD Forum has a Masterclass entitled “UHD Take-up in the Field: A year of Olympic and FIFA World Cup success” scheduled in Room G102/G103 of the Rai on Monday from 10:45 to 13:00 that is open to ALL IBC visitors (https://ultrahdforum.org/events/ibc-2018-masterclass-agenda/). I will be there to repeat and add more about what we have been doing alongside many others from the membership and the industry at large.

We have Thierry Fautier, UHDF President and VP Video Strategy for Harmonic welcoming you to the Masterclass.

We have Madeleine Noland and Skip Pizzi giving you the low down on tech and standards used for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

We have learnings from the World Cup with contributions from Stephan Heimbecher of Sky, Dolf Schinkel of KPN, Joerg Sander of HBS, Mickeäl Raulet of ATEME as well as myself.

And finally we finish off with the market perspective on HDR chaired by Maria Rua Aguete of IHS, with contributions from Thierry Fautier, Mike Zink of the UHD Alliance, Adina Gorita of Insight TV, Michel Chabrol of Eutelsat and Yoeri Geutskens otherwise known as @UHD4K.

The Ultra HD Forum Demonstrations at IBC

Even if you are unable to make the Masterclass, then I can recommend that you come along to the Ultra HD Forum stand at 8F.22 in the Future Zone, where the Forum is present providing key demos in UHD technologies including:

  • Consumer Experience – demonstrating the KPN HDR enabled TV service and NASA UHD in HDR and HD via OTT
  • Dynamic HDR
  • Content Aware Encoding for On Demand and Live
  • HFR with Backwards Compatibility – the Interoperability Story
  • Dual Layer Scalable HEVC delivery with Convergence TV

A fun filled few days it will be and I look forward to seeing you there.

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