To go where no one has gone before

Ultra HD is named because it is not just about 4K, certainly as the Ultra HD Forum (and others) define it. The definition includes 1080P60 in the situation where it includes one or more of the other pillars of UHD (as in from HDR/WCG, NGA or HFR). This has been discussed as a very desirable profile, particular with respect to providing consumers with better pixels and not more pixels and when bandwidth is a premium. Now in the case of Netflix, bandwidth is not the key issue but it certainly is great to see a major TV platform making use of this better pixels format with the launch of Star Trek Discovery on Netflix outside of the US. Star Trek Discovery streams in 1080P HDR, the first that I have seen.

Certainly it is a very effective use of HDR/WCG, and creates a fantastic experience for the consumer that looks noticeably better without using 4K resolution… and at 5.5Mbps.

We believe we shall see more of these, particularly when it comes to linear services with high action.

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