Alphabet Soup – What we know about UHD interoperability from Plugfests

We attended, provided demos and presented at the 4K HDR Summit in Malaga last week ( An enjoyable event with extremely good speakers on the business and technology of 4K/UHD video services, and we were honoured to present our learnings about UHD and specifically HDR from the work that Fairmile West has been involved in since becoming a member of the Ultra HD Forum back in 2015, and the many projects that we have engaged on in the video space with UHD. We also provided demonstrations of High Frame Rate and High Dynamic Range technology and content, as well as methods of providing improved customer experience with multiple HDR formats and the conversion of SDR to HDR video, in conjunction with Ultra HD Forum members Harmonic, Huawei, LGE, BBRIGHT and ATEME.

You may wish to see our presentation slides from the event.

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