Case Study – Content Protection Strategy

ContentProtectionCase Study – Content Protection Strategy


  • A Pay TV platform company was reviewing its Conditional Access Strategy for future platforms.
  • We were engaged to provide the analysis of the current commercial and technical strategy and provide recommendations for improvements both on a commercial and technical level

Engagement Outcome

  • Using our expertise drawn from consultants with experience of working with key tier 1 content protection companies, we reviewed the commercial and technical status of the platform’s products.
  • This review confirmed that key technical changes were required to in-development products to ensure that commercial and technical portability could be accomplished, and these changes were introduced into the business and technical workstreams
  • Given portability, this meant that the commercial offers of a number of companies could be evaluated to identify the most best commercial and technical solution for future products
  • New content protection requirements could also be supported by the new approach, thus ensuring the readiness of the Pay TV platform to future content needs