Case Study – UltraHD STB

Case Study – Ultra HD STB


  • The client required a new generation cable STB for new consumer architecture for consumption of video services
  • The device needed to be modular to support different recording capabilities, local and cloud, as well as including support for high speed Wifi, HEVC and UltraHD/4K technologies and future IPTV migration

Engagement Outcome

  • The company needed to send out a detailed RFP for the product pitched to support their existing software base, extended into the 4K/UltraHD capabilities and the future full IP migration
  • Existing technical and product requirements were incomplete, so we created a new base set of requirements for their existing platforms and then built the new platform requirements onto the top of the new baseline
  • An RFP was used with key tier 1 STB partners, and we provided the full analysis of the RFP response, evaluating the silicon and OEM responses to confirm sufficient additional capability to meet the needs of the roadmap and the technical standardisation risks that were identified
  • This analysis was used in conjunction with commercial responses to select the vendor and move into detailed design phases
  • We finalised full product hardware specifications confirming compliance with the selected vendor