Case Study – OTT Cloud based Timeshift Service

otttimeshiftCase Study – OTT Cloud based Timeshift Service


  • A Southern European MSO that was navigating mergers and acquisitions, with over 4 million mobile customers, 1.5 million television customers, 1.5 telephony customers and 1.1 million high speed broadband data customers.
  • Commands a significant proportion of the market with a reputation for customer service and innovative market solutions, punching above its weight on the international solution stage
  • They required the architecture and delivery of a new Adaptive Bit Rate solution to deliver timeshift services to OTT clients based on cloud services

Engagement Outcome

  • Our consultant developed a quick proof of concept with a major cloud vendor to demonstrate the feasibility of the idea.
  • They were engaged as architect and integration engineer to develop the required components, together with the vendor.
  • They made major contributions for the development of the vendor’s platform, which now delivers the service as a feature of their PaaS offering
  • Initial timescales were satisfied and the overall platform was released with an increase of 40% of the initial planned channel capacity.