Reflections on IBC2013

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The feet are aching and we are glad to be going home (or on to clients!) but IBC2013 has now come to the end. Many other people will provide detailed analysis of IBC2013 but we believe it can be summed as follows.

UHD hype – resolution
UHD reality – more time
Frame rate increases killer quality feature
Gateways everywhere
Mature OTT
…………………………..and Name Changes

This was the first IBC2013 for us under the name of Fairmile West, but we were not lonely with NDS, Motorola and Kit Digital names disappearing and being replaced with Cisco, Arris and Piksel.

We enjoyed the hard work, the interesting technology, and meeting a great many people. I am sure though that we missed many, so do get in touch to learn more about us – Click Here – and we look forward seeing you at IBC2014.