Agile and DevOps within the Video Industry

agiledevopswhitepaperAs the video industry experiences another phase of significant disruption and evolution can it adapt to the changes in technology, consumer behaviour and the competitive landscape by using software development practises such as Agile and DevOps to drive innovation and sustain growth?

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The purpose of this white paper is to provide readers with a view of how the industry is adopting these approaches, what impact they are having and how the reader can benefit from adopting these practises within their own organization.

In the OTT world the increasing demand for more content on many more devices, new competitors operating at “web-speed” and advances in cloud computing technologies are all driving organizations to adopt and embrace new ways of delivering video to their customers. A couple of releases a year no longer seems acceptable as consumers demand more from their devices and expect new features and capabilities to be added incrementally on a more frequent basis.

This growth is pushing the video industry to actively seek out and drive new development approaches and practises such as Agile and DevOps to ensure they continue to satisfy their customers needs while maintaining service stability and control over costs.

This graph shows the levels of interest based on Google searches in both terms, Agile Development in blue and DevOps in red.


This paper explores many of the approaches, methodologies and tools in use by organizations across the video industry who are building and delivering world class video products to their customers. It is based upon interviews with 27 leaders across the video industry including operators, vendors, integrators and consultants.

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