Agile and DevOps within the Video Industry – Conclusions

agiledevopswhitepaperAs the video industry experiences another phase of significant disruption and evolution can it adapt to the changes in technology, consumer behaviour and the competitive landscape by using software development practises such as Agile and DevOps to drive innovation and sustain growth?

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Over the course of the publication of these blog posts and the whitepaper, we have taken you through Agile and DevOps within the Video Industry, and now we conclude…

For those adopting them, Agile software development approaches and DevOps have dramatically changed the internal culture, transforming the way in which they deliver products to customers; more predictably and at a faster rate with higher quality.

  • Agile approaches are adopted broadly within the video industry, but with varying levels of maturity. With the complexity, size and number of vendors involved in large scale delivery projects, blended approaches of Agile, Waterfall and other methodologies are common, but usually, not optimal
  • Scaling Agile and gaining buy-in across the whole organization remains a big challenge for most
  • Increasing consumer demand and business stakeholders’ desire to deliver more functionality, faster than ever before, is pushing organizations to increase the frequency of release updates to their products
  • Cloud platforms and DevOps automation technologies are enabling organizations to deploy faster and scale faster than traditional video technology approaches
  • Test Driven Development (TDD), automated testing and automated builds are fundamental to being able to deliver faster while maintaining service stability
  • Continuous delivery and deployment remains one of the biggest challenges due to complex infrastructure and legacy CPE
  • Adoption of the Agile and DevOps culture plays a major role in the success of a transformation

Throughout this paper we have talked about the approaches, trends and tools that organizations are using to migrate towards this fully automated and continuous delivery approach to building video products. The single most important aspect to get right is the cultural change within the organization. For those that master this aspect they can expect to see significant strategic advantages in the ability to accommodate change, the ability to keep their teams focused and productive and to deliver the right products at the right time.

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