Cloud and Automation Technologies Enabling Faster Deployments

agiledevopswhitepaperAs the video industry experiences another phase of significant disruption and evolution can it adapt to the changes in technology, consumer behaviour and the competitive landscape by using software development practises such as Agile and DevOps to drive innovation and sustain growth?

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Last time we talked about Scaling Agile and this time we are looking at cloud and automation technologies and the enablement of faster deployments.

Cloud platforms and automation technologies are also driving a new approach for vendors in the video industry, moving from dedicated hardware based solutions to software based solutions that can run on-premise or in the cloud.

In a discussion on Cloud Processing at IBC 2015 Mohamed Abuagla – Al Jazeera Media CIO said “Everything is going to be running on software, we are seeing the ‘softwarization’ of our industry.”

MohammedAbuaglaQuoteIndeed at IBC 2015 the acquisition of two video encoding companies by traditional technology vendors, Elemental to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Envivio to Ericsson indicates that your next strategic technology partner may well be AWS, Google or Microsoft rather than a broadcast vendor.

It’s not just new entrants to the market that are adopting these approaches. Nagra and Cisco, for example, are embracing new approaches to creating and delivering software based video products to their customers using Agile, DevOps and cloud infrastructure to give them a competitive edge and ensure they are delivering the highest quality product to their customers. Cisco claim they can deploy their new Infinite Video platform within 90 days from signing a contract.

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