UltraHD Forum Validates HDR Best Practices through Post IBC Plugfest – Videonet

Back at the end of IBC2016, we worked for two days advancing the practical usage understanding of HDR and UltraHD with major telecoms operators, technology vendors and content organisations. This, as the second UltraHD Forum event, was a blast with some very interesting behaviours and issues seen from a full end to end virtual delivery. In the last few days, the Forum has been repeating its efforts at the SMPTE Technical Conference in Hollywood, and we look forward to the next sets of validation.

In the days immediately following IBC 2016, the UltraHD Forum hosted an HDR-focused UltraHD Plugfest involving 25 people from 17 TV/Video equipment manufacturers, content companies and platform operators. Participants included both members and guest enabler companies. The Plugfest was hosted and supported by Dutch telecom operator KPN, at its Hilversum facilities, and demonstrated the developing level of support for HLG and PQ HDR in displays and STBs. It also evaluated key content processing parameters for platform delivery of UHD in a mixed SDR/HDR world, including the use of leading HDR implementations of HLG10 and PQ10.

Source: UltraHD Forum Validates HDR Best Practices through Post IBC Plugfest – Videonet

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