Youtube Breaks Ranks


Great news from Youtube…

YouTube is to scrap “unskippable” 30-second advertisements on the video-streaming service, from 2018.Google confirmed the plan to the BBC’s Newsround programme, saying it wanted to focus on “formats that work well for both users and advertisers”.

Source: YouTube ditches unskippable 30-second ads – BBC News

Youtube removing the unskippable feature is a great advance. They realise the reality – that viewers cannot be forced to watch something so there is no point in trying. The ultimate ad-blocker is deployed by the viewer – not watching.

This is of particularly concern as PVRs, particularly Network PVRs, now implement anti-ad skipping functionality as operators seek to replicate this on-line functionality. We love new technical solutions, but some are not recommended. This is particularly bad as despite all the data in the world about the viewer most services fail in advert playout by playing the same three ads, five times per on demand programme hour without any ability for the consumer to skip them. Boring the viewer to death or driving them from your service by annoying them is not in anyone’s best interest and at last there is a major platform that recognises this.

Making your ads interesting and varied is not to be underestimated in ensuring that you maximise your revenue.