UHD Breakfast at Connected TV Event London

I took part in the UHD Breakfast Briefing on the morning of the second day of the excellent Connected TV World Summit last week.

The task of explaining HDR (and WCG) in the context of UHD in less than five minutes is a big one, made worse by my croaking NAB lurgy ridden voice. Having Thierry Fautier of Harmonic and President of the UltraHD Forum provide a great introduction about the UltraHD in the industry and the Forum in general, followed by my introduction to the technology made for an enjoyable and informative event.


However the best was for last as we enjoyed the involvement of Arian Koster from KPN, providing his operational view of running and deploying an advanced TV service. He drew attention to the technical, customer and operational factors of mass market deployment for a high tech and somewhat complex service – that needs attention both in the development of the technology and for the deployment and customer care aspects. We did not get the chance to address all of these during the breakfast, but there are solutions that allow an operator to deploy services in 2017 given the right business decisions and plan. This is an area we have been working for some time with other operators.

The challenge of mass market UHD HDR deployment for linear and on demand comes in the form of universality of consumption, the issues of supply video streams that need to be specific to particular displays, taking into account multiple formats of video (SDR BT.709, SDR BT.2020, HDR PQ10, HDR HLG, and even the possibility of HDR Dolby Vision), legacy 4K displays (using BT.709 colour space), SDR displays (using BT.2020), and HDR displays (PQ10 and/or HLG10). There are a number of technical solutions (Display capability content presentation, headend and STB based content conversions, simulcasting, long tail unicast, distribution format standardisation, and distribution factory approaches) to these challenges but each solution comes with pros and cons that need to be validated in the particular market and with the specific operator. If you are an operator looking towards making the step into UHD or have already deployed 4K services and want to expand into HDR service, then do please make contact – we can cut through the complexity and define the best go to market and technology approach.

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Slides now available here: London May 18th, Ultra HD and breakfast. Pre-conference session during the Connected TV event, focussed on HDR.

Source: UHD Breakfast at Connected TV Event London, May 18 2017 – Ultra HD Forum