UHD – Commercial Success or Work In Progress

The Ultra HD Forum, in collaboration with DVB, hosted a free webinar on Tuesday 12 May (11:00 CEST) to assess the state of UHD deployments globally. The event marked the recent launch of the Forum’s UHD Service Tracker. Ian Nock, Founder of Fairmile West, moderated the webinar in his role of being the chair of the Interop Working Group of the Ultra HD Forum.

Expert panellists

Jason Power (Dolby), who chairs the DVB Commercial Module working group on audio and video coding, opened the session with an overview of the DVB family of specifications for UHD. He provided an update on the Phase 1 and 2 timeline, examined which specs have been adopted in the market, and summarized how DVB covers key features like HDR, HFR and next generation audio.

Next up, Ben Schwarz, chair of the Ultra HD Forum’s communications working group, introduced the new service tracker and described how building the tool was not straightforward and required important decisions on coverage, definitions, data sources and more even with the foundation of the Ultra HD Forum Guidelines and the standard defined by many organisations worldwide including the DVB.

Omdia’s research director Paul Gray then shared the latest data on the outlook for UHD services globally, including insights based on the impact on COVID-19.

Finally all the panellist were joined by joined by Virginie Drugeon, chair of the DVB Technical Module AVC group, and what followed was an interesting analysis of where are today with UHD.

The webinar is available for on demand playback below:

DVB Webinar: UHD – commercial success or work in progress?

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